Spice up your holiday season with these rosin infused recipes

The holiday season is upon us, making it time to come together with our loved ones for annual celebratory feasts. In fact, with so much of the holidays revolving around food, why not bring along some medicated offerings for the table? We’ve curated some excellent solventless infused holiday recipes for you to try out, but before you dive in, there’s a few points to cover when it comes to cooking with cannabis and rosin. 

First, a word on decarbing. Decarboxylation, or “decarbing” for short, is a process that converts the non-reactive THCA found naturally in cannabis into its high-giving cousin, THC. It’s an important step for getting the most out of your edibles, and even solventless oils need to be decarbed when infusing them into food. Here’s an excellent tutorial on how to decarb rosin, making it ready to add to meals. 

Additionally, many of the following recipes rely on the use of cannabutter, so if you are unfamiliar with making it, be sure to check out this video which shows you how. And for the vegans out there, here’s a coconut oil version to try. 

Lastly, a word on dosage. Overdoing it on edibles isn’t fun for anybody, so it’s always important to control dosage. As you will see, we try to make this simple by only suggesting recipes that are individually portioned and of equal size. This should make it easier for people to eat only one or two and dose themselves comfortably.

With those considerations out of the way, let’s dive into some of the richest holiday recipes we could find using solventless oil.

Cannabis Caramels

Cannabis caramels are a super easy edible recipe to get started with. You won’t need many ingredients, and the method is also simple, so anyone can give it a try. Plus, cannabis caramels make a great bitesize snack for before or after your main meal. 

Mini Pumpkin Pies

It simply wouldn’t be the holidays without pumpkin pie and these individual mini-pies are perfect to infuse with solventless oil. While you may need to be a fairly adept baker to pull these off, they will be quite a showpiece cannabis dessert. You can use the “homemade crust” recipe included and swap out the butter for cannabutter. Or if you’re using store-bought pastry, simply add decarbed solventless oil directly to the filling.

Candied Yams


In many parts of the US, candied yams are a traditional Thanksgiving side dish, and they’re a great candidate for infusing. Simply replace the butter in this recipe with your cannabutter and you’re good to go. 

Pot-Potato Latkes

Thanksgiving and Christmas may get all the headlines, but let’s not forget about Hanukkah. Everyone will love these Pot-Potato Latkes, so they’d be a great addition to any holiday party! This recipe calls for cannabis infused olive oil, but know that cannabutter will work just fine, too.

Great Edibles Recipes: Pot-Potato Latkes

Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread

Get those appetites truly wet with this tear-n-share Christmas bread. Edibles make for a fantastic appetizer, and this recipe will get your friends and family more than ready for the main meal. Again, just replace the ordinary butter in this recipe with cannabutter and you’ve got the perfect Christmas themed weed starter.

Christmas Pinwheels

Pinwheels make for an excellent pre-meal edible. They’re individually portioned and it’s very easy to add decarbed solventless oil directly to the fillings. They don’t need to be savory either! Check out these cinnamon pinwheel cookies for a sweet variation.

Those were just a few ideas to get you started, but remember, solventless oil can be infused into pretty much any food, so there’s no need to stop there. In fact, let us know your favorite holiday edibles missing from our list. And of course, happy holidays!