Often overlooked by many, pre-pressing is an essential part of rosin making that helps users go a long way to ensure their solventless extracts are squished with the utmost quality. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits. 

Eliminate Bag Blowouts

When it comes to pressing rosin, nothing is more frustrating than when you blow out a bag that’s packed with high quality material. This allows your extract to become compromised and have plenty of plant lipids inside, affecting the overall taste when it comes time to dab your concentrate later on. But by using one of our Rosin Tech Pre-Press Molds, users can condense the material they use into a more concise surface area space, helping the press deliver a more balanced squish and ultimately, a drastic reduction in bag blowouts.

Flower material seeping through a filter bag during a blow out.

Extract More Efficient Yields

While yields typically depend on things like strain, cure, and humidity, pre-pressing also plays a major role in how efficient your solventless extractions are. For one, by pre-pressing users can stuff their bags with more starting material. Now, this is not to be confused with overpacking, which can lead to issues such as the aforementioned blowouts. By pre-pressing your material, users allow themselves to experiment a little more with temperature while pressing, thus honing in their preferred press specs. Ultimately, this will help users develop a consistent method when it comes to their presses, thus potentiating massive yields down the road. 

The Rosin Tech Products Pre-Press Mini.