Commercial rosin tech began with steel plated presses; they were cheap, easy to manufacture, and got the job done. However, as technology evolved, the industry began to move away from stainless steel plates in favor of aluminum, which offers a number of advantages. So if you’re still relying on steel, then here’s why you should use aluminum plates in your rosin press.

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Thermal Performance

Because your plates are heating elements, their thermal performance is critical to the success of your rosin making – and the principle reason why aluminum is the better option. Steel is a very poor conductor of heat, which means plates made of it take an incredibly long time to heat up. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a fantastic thermal conductor, and will not only reach pressing temperatures rapidly, but it also transfers that heat to your starting material quicker, and in a more consistent and controllable manner.

Energy Efficiency

Steel is also a poor conductor of electricity, which is what almost all rosin presses use to heat up their plates, bringing us to the issue of energy efficiency. Steel simply requires more electrical power to be heated up compared to aluminum, and also needs to be heated for longer, which can really send your electricity bill skyrocketing. So, the most sustainable and money saving option is using aluminum plated presses because they’re far more energy efficient than their steel counterparts.

Long Term Durability

Not only does steel take longer to heat up, but it also takes longer to cool down, and this excessive heat retention can eventually cause damage to your press. Heat radiated from heavy steel plates has the habit of transferring to more delicate parts of your setup, principally the pneumatic ram. This is another reason commercial rosin tech has moved away from steel plates. Producers found themselves having to repair or re-fit their seals and pneumatic systems far too often. 

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Here at Rosin Tech we have learned from past mistakes, which is why our entire range of rosin presses were designed from the ground up with aluminum plates in mind. Because ultimately, aluminum is superior to steel in terms of performance, efficiency, and long term durability. So, if you’re still using a steel rig, it might be a good time to consider upgrading to an aluminum plate setup, as it will save you time and money in the long run.